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Request - Tum [ FF Fanart ] by NeneRuki
Request - Tum [ FF Fanart ]
Hi~! Miss me, guys >w< Kido Tsubomi (Looks) [V4] 
I did just drew Tum's avatar! >w< Ene (Smile) [V7] 
Tum's avatar is look sexy and cute? >w< He's my friend! >w< in online games, Fantasy Frontier. Ene (Smile) [V7] 
Aster's DL Last story - The End of the World ARC hasn't been released yet, please be patient, guys ^^ Ene (Wink) [V12] 
Hope you like it, guys >w< Ene (Wink) [V12] 
Please comment and fave it. Konoha (Yay) [V1] 
Drawing (c) :iconneneruki:
Elsword RPs - Airu by NeneRuki
Elsword RPs - Airu
Hi, everyone! Who miss me, guys? >w< 
Yesterday my computer is restored, I'm glad. So I'm back from dead long time! XD
Finally finished Airu's front view and profile view! >w< Hope you like it! >w<
Airu is cute girl and energetic and graceful~! >w<
Here, her profile~! >w<

”With a good gets me everything.”


Full name: Airu Rainheart
Class: Harpist

Weapon: Harp ( Harmony Harp )

Age: 14 (Base) > 16 (1st Job) > 18 (2nd Job)

Class Tree: 
    Harpist >> Light Harpist >> Paladin Ultimatum
    Harpist >> Heavy Harpist >> Forte Requiem
    Harpist >> ??? >> ???

Personal Statistics: Date of birth: June 4; Blood type: A+

     Speed: Medium
     Attack range: Medium
     Difficulty: Easy


Airu uses a Harp as her primary weapon, with which she plays the happiness of songs just like Negai's songs. As Airu performs combo attacks, an elemental song note will appear beneath her special attack gauge. The notes allows Airu to perform different charge attacks based on the element. Wind, Fire, Water, Light.
and she can act as a decent healer, though that role is generally filled by Negai.
Airu can use martial arts while she can kick opponent seem strong by Aster taught her when how she learn to kick opponent.

Special Ability

Ways of the Melody
Airu has special music notes that she collect all music notes and while once all of the notes are collected and she can use special skill get stronger after it cost music notes and mana. Make tha sense when all of the notes are 10. when she get combo, the notes is collect one. but she can get collect all notes and use special skill against enemies after it cost both notes and mana again.


When Airu was born at Prolonia. her mother is who raised her was Negai Rainheart.
she seem love read books and music. she's always living with them together as peaceful while Negai can play violin songs for make her smile. Thought, Aster is happy for her smile as together forever.
seven years later, she seem grown up bit, she was 14 years old, the who became a harpist. she can use harp and kick opponent. meanwhile she went to Prolonia Beach. She met the mysterious girl who got washed up on shore at the Prolonia Beach. the mysterious girl named Reika. she seem unconscious. Airu and Aster take her to clinic at the Prolonia Castle. Reika may not wake up, doctor says Airu and the other go back home. Doctor nofity them when she wakes up. after sunset down Doctor call Airu and the other back to the clinic. she finally woken up. Airu is asking her name, she says "Re..ika.." She understand what she said. "Do you remember what happened to you?" Reika says "....It's no use. I don't remember about my past things. I can't say I don't remember it."
Poor Reika who lost her memories. Sunny can take care of her at her home. Airu is how worried about Reika. She just want to be friend with Reika. After three days, Airu and Reika seem much closer, best friends. But...meanwhile they went to the forest at night. Airu and Reika is lost, trapped in the forest. but the demon appear who front at Airu and Reika. But they're after Reika, she's scared at them. Airu can combat ready for protect Reika. Airu was attack with harp and kick, she did damage to demon seem strong. She tried to do her best for protecting Reika. she can dodge any times. Reika was hide in the tree, she watching her fighting those demon for protect Reika. "Ugh..So strong! I can't match for them!"
while demon was stopped, they ran away and retreat. they're disappeared. Airu is seem thinking what are they after Reika about.
One days, Airu was join to El gang and along with Aster and Negai. Airu will find out what Reika's mysterious power because of this, they're after Reika. Also, Reika stay with Prolonia Knight taking care of her. she find the truth about Reika's true power when someone knows. But she never seen beautiful outside the world before. While Airu is start to travel journey over world.


Airu has blond long hair. Her eyes color is light green. Her main outfit consists of a light pink/white top with puffy sleeves with gold lined in the ends of the sleeves. She also wears a dark grey vest also lined in pink with white collar. Her scarf is pink. gold circle lined and pink. Her skirt has a frilly layer underneath it. Her groves are wrist-length with fingerless. Her hat is white with ribbon pinks, top gold notes symbol. Her boots are knee-length with light pink folds at the top small hot pink ribbon. Her knees sock are white.


Kind | Calm | Cheerful | Helpful | Graceful | Energetic | Careless | Forgetful

Airu is kind girl, she like to be calm, also energetic, graceful.
she always cheerful and helpful. Airu is the daughter of Rainheart Family. Negai and Aster is always taking care of their daughter while they always living together in Prolonia. Due to her restrictive upbringing, she has gained most of her worldly knowledge through books. As a result she has developed a love for reading, and can recite various passages from heart. Also, as a dedicated healer, she tries her best to help every injured individual she can, usually running straight to trouble. Many others see her as an angel, mainly due to her healing skills and her gentle personality. Because of this, she's a harpist. Airu is careless because she ended up to losing Reika was taken away by someone, but she can't give up anymore. Airu is forgetful, something she forgot her stuff back.

Skill tree

Soon, Maybe...


Elsword: Z buttonElsword: Z buttonElsword: Z buttonElsword: Z button    Basic 3 kick combo that knocks down at the final hit.
Elsword: Z buttonElsword: Z buttonElsword: Z buttonElsword: X button    Basic 3 kick combo, followed by a quick dodge behind targets and a harp attack that knocks down.
Elsword: X buttonElsword: X buttonElsword: X buttonElsword: X button    Strumming the harp to create shockwaves forward by four times attack.
<da:thumb id="479033450">Elsword: Z button   Single jump kick
<da:thumb id="479033450">Elsword: X button   Shoots a strumming the harp to shockwaves ball
<da:thumb id="479033650">Elsword: Z button   Slides and kicks the target.
<da:thumb id="479033650">Elsword: X button   Dodge behind target and strum to shoot shockwaves ball.
<da:thumb id="479033650"><da:thumb id="479033450">Elsword: Z button  She run and jump double spin kick.
<da:thumb id="479033650"><da:thumb id="479033450">Elsword: X buttonElsword: X buttonElsword: X buttonElsword: X button  Airu boosts herself upwards and shoots down three times.
Elsword: Z buttonElsword: Z buttonElsword: X buttonElsword: X button  Basic 2 kick combo and strum to shoot shockwaves forward by two times attack.
Elsword: X buttonElsword: X buttonElsword: Z buttonElsword: Z button  Strumming the harp to shoot shockwaves forward with two attacks and kick that knock down at the final hit.


will come along with the skill tree sweats


"Great melody over great riffs is, to me, the secret of it all."
"Music, charms, and harmony. People see them all as differences but I seen them as one!"
"The heart of the melody can never be put down on paper."
"A melody without the right rhythm hardly exist."
"Music is about textures as well as melody."
"The way I see it, there's only one melody for any song."

Using Skill Quotes

"My music will bring death to your ears!"
"Care for a lullaby~?"
"My music is not off...YOUR HEAD IS!"


● Airu is special, when she playing harp, to bring happiness show everyone is.
● Airu's mother was Negai Rainheart, she is the violinist. she raised his child and more love. that means "special" from Airu.
● Airu used harp, her mother gave harp to her.
● She love to see a peaceful places as a town. 
● She like a harp, music, Negai, Aster, cats, listen music mp3, sweet, warming, her friend, singing, reading book.
● She is good harp, singing.

● She dislike people who are villian, evil, nightmare, despair, sadness, sorrow, darkness, dying, losing Reika.


Aster - Airu's father, Aster Rainheart, he's kind person keep smile to her. 
Negai - Airu's mother, Negai Rainheart, she's kind person and good mother. Airu learn how to play music from her mother.
Kurina - Airu's auntie, Kurina Rainheart.
Lave - Airu's uncle, Lave Rainheart.
Athena - Airu's second auntie, Athena Delgain
Sion - Airu's friend, Sion Alphina. When since Airu and Sion were met, so they seem to have become much closer, seeing Airu trust her much more now. They are become friend.
Varin - Airu's second uncle, Varin Revontus. He seem kinds to seeing her as always smiling. Somehow
the two remains on friendly terms since Airu knows that Varin is a nice person.
Rikkun and the other - They're the Five of Prolonia Knight, they could be good allies of Aster. Airu like how they're kind people they used to be.
Musical group member - They're member of Musical Group, they're friends of Airu. She love them and having play music instrument songs nicely as melody with friends.
Reika - Airu's best friends, she lost her memories. while they seem much closer, as best friends with full of happiness.


Zelda's Lullaby: [link]
Ballad of the Goddess - Harp ( Legend of Zelda ) : [link]
Great Fairy's Fountain - Legend of Zelda ( Three Harps ) : [link]
Holy Lonely Justice: [link]
Shining Resonance Opening: [link]
Aura Kingdom - Innocent World: [link]
Hope you guys like her~

Airu Rainheart (c) :iconneneruki:

 I have show you something for my draw list~!
Draw List ( Complete Finished ) ~
1. Sion Revamp Loading Icon
2. Aster Loading Icon
3. Airu Loading Icon
4. Dawn Ruki
5. Asukachan and XxSorairochanxX and DemonicRuki, Varinkun and Asterkun ( my character in FF )
Haven't draw ( It is not finished drawing them once )
1. Musical Group ( Aster and the other playing thier instrument weapon )
2. Aster DL's final story, End of the World Comic ( was skipped now )
3. Sion BA and HS's transform story comic ( was skipped now )


NeneRuki's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello, world. I am a Elsword fan. I love Anime and Manga. I love drawing, and I listen music so epic. I read book of Manga a lots. Hope you deal with it.
I am fan of Elsword xD I like to draw. <3
Icon Sion Alphina
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:bulletpink: :bulletpink: My Personal Info :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Gender: Female

:bulletblue: Age : 18

:bulletpink: Birthday: 9 April 1996

:bulletblue: Email:

:bulletpink: Hobbies: Watch Anime the best,listen english/japanese song,drawing,play facebook

:bulletblue: Favorite Food: French Fries,Taro,Cheese,Ice-cream vanilla

:bulletpink: Favorite book: Cartoon book (Manga)

:bulletblue: Favorite color: Pink, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Black and Red

:bulletpink: Fave Cartoon Characters: Nene Amano,Kiriha Aonuma,Akari Hinomoto of DXW,Airu Suzaki,Ryouma Mogami of DXW 02,Touma H. Norstein,Fujieda Yoshino of DS,BRS,Rukia Kuchiki,Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach,Aki Izayoi of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's,Lenalee Lee of D.Gray-man,Alice of Pandora Hearts,Momozono Love,Aono Miki,Yamabuki Inori,Higashi Setsuna of Fresh Pretty Cure,Ellen Kurokawa of Suite Pretty Cure,Uchida Sasuke,Haruno Sakura,Hatake Kakashi of Naruto Shippuden,Sakata Gintoki,Kagura,Tsukuyo,Shiroyasha,Nobume of Gintama,Erza Scarlet,Jellal Fernandes,Erza Knightwalker,Mistgun,Wendy Marvell ,Kagura Mikazuchi of Fairy Tail,Nura Rikuo of Nurarihyon no Mago,Negima,Sawada Tsunayoshi,Chrome Dokuro,Sasagawa Kyoko,Kyouga Hibari,Mukuro Rokuro,Lal Mirch,Suzuki Adelheid,Kozato Enma,Arcobaleno Yuni,Vongola Primo of KHR,BRS,DM,Chariot,BGS,STR,IBRS of Black Rock Shooter,Shana of SnS III,Miku Hatsune,Kaito of Vocaloid,Homura of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica,Azusa of K-ON,Elsword,Aisha,Rena,Raven,Eve,Chung,Ara Han of Elsword, Dawn Warrior, Flame Wizard, Wind Archer, Night Walker, Thunder Breaker, Demon Slayer, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Cygnus of MapleStory

:bulletblue: Movie: Final Fantasy 7 ACC,Gintama Movie

:bulletpink: Favorite Couple: Cloud x Tifa,Noctis x Lightning,Sasuke x Sakura,Tsuna x Kyoko,Kiriha x Nene,BRS x Dante,Yuji x Shana,Max x BS,Kaito x Miku,Machina x Rem,Ace x Deuce,Machina x Ace,Hibari x Tsuna,BRS x Miku,Max Regashi x Ruki Izayomi ,Elsword x Aisha ,Elsword x Eve,Chung x Lilith,Elsword x Clear

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:bulletpink: My Elsword Character TH status
Akemi34 Lv 51 (Elsword IS)
Sakura34 Lv 39 (Aisha BM)
Ireanstar Lv 42 (Rena TR)


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