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God Eater 2 - Julius Visconti by NeneRuki
God Eater 2 - Julius Visconti
Hi~ >w< I drew Julius Visconti fanart in God Eater 2~ ^^
Everyone, miss me~? >w<
It's been awhile I haven't draw them for my draw list yet TwT
But I need get work for drawing soon >_<
Well, Julius was being cool and strong~ >w< I love Julius, he's my favorite character in GE2~! >w< <3
the background place is peaceful >w<   
Hope you like it ^w^

Julius Visconti (C) God Eater 2
Draw (c) :iconneneruki:
Elsword OC - Airu,2nd Job (III) -  Clarify Goddess by NeneRuki
Elsword OC - Airu,2nd Job (III) - Clarify Goddess
Hi~ I just did drew Airu's 3rd Class, Clarify Goddess >w<
Today I have to upload Airu's 3rd Class, Clarify Goddess here.
Is she cute~? She's strongest! >w< To protect everyone those hold dears >w<
And continue to drawing about Sion's BA story comic!
Please comment and fave it here!!
Hope you like it~ >w<
Here her profile~ <3
- PROFILE START || Clarify Goddess -

"Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love."

Name: Airu
Surname: Rainheart
Age: 18
Job: Harpist
Race: Human
Hometown: Prolonia
Weapon ( Clarify Goddess ) : Harp
Likes ( Clarify Goddess ) : Bring peace city, Protect friends, comrades, family and people, harp, music, warming with her parent (Aster and Negai)
Dislikes ( Clarify Goddess ) : Evil, nightmare, despair, sorrow, darkness, dying, lose family, comrades, friends, Reika.
Good at: Harp, Kicks
Personality CG: Airu is kind girl, helpful young woman. Airu is the daughter of Rainheart Family. She's becomes very stronger and protect everyone.
Ability: Airu is very stronger when it comes to fighting. She is strong enough to take down a large number of opponents with her fist and kicks.
and as Harp, she can act as a decent healer, though that role is generally filled by Negai. While Harp, Airu can floating Harp by her left hands, when it comes she strumming her harp and powerful attack notes blast things. It's magics harp really more magics while strumming takes time. She can purify power to their heart back to normal. Airu learned new moves much, if she get stronger and protect everyone.     
Bio: Airu was with Aster and Negai, Sion still battle at Lanox dungeon. Against defeat the boss, Demon General Scar to destroy all worlds.

Clarify Goddess's background story:
Airu was alone at training room, she must learn new moves, for become stronger and protect everyone.
Airu also learn it, she feel understand that means. However, she really want to become stronger for protect her comrades and friends. And then practice her harp for make creates magics spell and healing spell as powerful for against enemies.
Airu decided to protect everyone, then she became "Clarify Goddess".

Job Paths

01.  Harpist >> Saint Harpist >> Paladin Ultimatum
02.  Harpist >> Combat Harpist >> Forte Requiem
03.  Harpist >> Transfiguration Harpist >> Clarify Goddess

"Let light shine out of darkness."
"To see beauty is to see light."
"Live within the light in your heart."
"If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining."
"An act of courage is always an act of love."
"A true friend is the greatest of all blessing."
"Kindness comes in many forms but always from the heart."
"Stay strong, make them wonder how you're still smiling."

Using Skills Quotes:
"Taste of my powerful harp!!"
"I will show you my true power!"
"Here's the finish!"

Aster - Airu's father, Aster Rainheart, he's kind person keep smile to her.
Negai - Airu's mother, Negai Rainheart, she's kind person and good mother. Airu learn how to play music from her mother.
Kurina - Airu's auntie, Kurina Rainheart.
Lave - Airu's uncle, Lave Rainheart.
Athena - Airu's second auntie, Athena Delgain
Sion - Airu's friend, Sion Alphina. When since Airu and Sion were met, so they seem to have become much closer, seeing Airu trust her much more now. They are become friend.
Varin - Airu's second uncle, Varin Revontus. He seem kinds to seeing her as always smiling. Somehow the two remains on friendly terms since Airu knows that Varin is a nice person.
Rikkun and the other - They're the Five of Prolonia Knight, they could be good allies of Aster. Airu like how they're kind people they used to be.
Musical group member - They're member of Musical Group, they're friends of Airu. She love them and having play music instrument songs nicely as melody with friends.
Reika - Airu's best friends, she lost her memories. while they seem much closer, as best friends with full of happiness.

- PROFILE END || Clarify Goddess -

 Airu Rainheart (c) :iconneneruki:
GE2RB OC - Ran Tsukikage by NeneRuki
GE2RB OC - Ran Tsukikage
Hi, everyone! Who miss me, guys? >w<
I drew my God Eater 2 Rage Burst OC, Ran Tsukikage >w<
What do you think of him? owo Badass? owo He's strong and protect his sister!
His character color are red! owo
Here, him profile~! >w<


"...I must admit it rather pains me to be trusted."

Name: Ran Tsukikage
Code Name: ran

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Seraphim

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Sliver

Birthday: September 21

Bloodtype: Unknown

Affiliation: Blood

Occupation: God Eater

God Arc Type: New-Type/3rd Generation

Equipment: Surrogate/ Variant Scythe 
                   Forlorn Puppy / Shotgun
                   Devoted / Buckler Shield

Likes: Peace, Ruki, Protect everyday, His sister, Alone, watching the white bird fly to peace, Cat, Kitten. 
Dislike: Evil, Nightmare, Dead, Aragami, Black Knight, Monster,Hurt people, Make Ruki hurt, Dead, Lose his sister. 

Personality: Ran is cold-heart, even kinds and calm....he seem careless and lonely.
Game: God Eater 2 Rage Burst

Specialty: Ran has shown great physical prowess throughout the series. He is able to pick up and swing a scythe with ease, an uncommon weapon used in battle, with enough force to cut through a body and his melee attacks are quite strong. Aside from his strength, he has shown great flexibility and reflexes.

Bio: He came from Fantasy World, He was at snow places. Ran knew he got separate with Ruki. Ran was trapped in God Eater World. Ran sure that she's alive somewhere at God Eater World. Then he met Livie Collete who wearing red riding hood and holding her God Arc, Variant Scythe. If Ran trust Livie, he will follow Livie's side. Then Ran become God Eater, his God Arc Variant Scythe. Ran will definitely find Ruki somewhere, that's why he's looking for Ruki Nakame, who been missing. 

Ruki - Ran and Ruki seem to have become very closer, seeing how Ruki help him, If Ran trusts her more now. Ran accepts to join with her, to journal travel. He's looking search for Ruki, but he gladly to meet Ruki with her comrades, Astin too.
Astin - Ran's sister, Ran will protect her and take care of Astin. Ran and Astin seem to have become very closer like siblings. Astin is ok, Ruki still with her side. Ran glad she's safe and happy.
Livie Collete - Livie wearing red riding hood like Ran's. Ran can follow Livie's side and destroy Aragami.
"To survive..."
"I won't let you touch Astin ever...!"

"Lonely without silent places...
"Your smiling faces fits you the best."

"That smile will not wilt."
"Let's get started. Leave no one standing."
"I will protect Astin no matter what."
"I cannot die until I fulfill my duty..."
"Should've never gone against me...
"Evade darkness and you're dead!!"
"I shall lead you to death!!"

Tsukikage (月影) Tsuki (月) translates to month; moon. Kage (影) translates to shadow. Together, it translate to moonlight.


Hope you like it >w<

Ran Tsukikage (c) :iconneneruki:
 I have show you something for my draw list~!
Draw List ( Complete Finished ) ~
1. Dawn Ruki super cute
2. Aster AS x Negai MR
3. Airu Expression cute
4. Dawn Ruki ( NeneRuki V3 )
5. Sion HS's nightmare
6. Dawn Ruki and Ran
7. Ran ( the fire divine, scythe )
8. Ter ( FFT Fanart )
9. Musical Group
Haven't draw ( It is not finished drawing them once )
1. Aster DL's final story, End of the World Comic ( was skipped now )
2. Sion BA and HS's transform story comic ( Still thinking imagine from my brain )


NeneRuki's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello, world. I am a Elsword fan. I love Anime and Manga. I love drawing, and I listen music so epic. I read book of Manga a lots. Hope you deal with it.
I am fan of Elsword xD I like to draw. <3
Icon Sion Alphina
:iconsionnaplz: :iconsiondmplz: :iconsionhcplz: :iconsionhsplz:
My best friend is :iconneoruki: , :iconprismrein: , :iconmitarashixp: , :iconorangeboxazu: , :iconlegacyhunter: , :iconuninstall-chi: , :iconyona999: , :iconkawaii797: , :iconyushikuni: , :iconnephiliachan: , :iconthoarla: , :iconrogil717: , :iconmiraiglam: , :icontetsushi: , :icondeathlywish: , :iconfuumika: , :iconrainnight10715: , :iconxrequilein: , :iconene-takane: , :iconchibisallina: , :iconmilonar: , :iconasylum-storage: , :iconmyenizouafuraki: , :iconailythe: XD
My friend is :iconsgtsoupie:

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :iconpink-mplz: :iconpink-aplz: :iconpink-yplz: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: My Personal Info :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Gender: Female

:bulletblue: Age : 18

:bulletpink: Birthday: 9 April 1996

:bulletblue: Email:

:bulletpink: Hobbies: Watch Anime the best,listen english/japanese song,drawing,play facebook

:bulletblue: Favorite Food: French Fries,Taro,Cheese,Ice-cream vanilla

:bulletpink: Favorite book: Cartoon book (Manga)

:bulletblue: Favorite color: Pink, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Black and Red

:bulletpink: Fave Cartoon Characters: Nene Amano,Kiriha Aonuma,Akari Hinomoto of DXW,Airu Suzaki,Ryouma Mogami of DXW 02,Touma H. Norstein,Fujieda Yoshino of DS,BRS,Rukia Kuchiki,Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach,Aki Izayoi of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's,Lenalee Lee of D.Gray-man,Alice of Pandora Hearts,Momozono Love,Aono Miki,Yamabuki Inori,Higashi Setsuna of Fresh Pretty Cure,Ellen Kurokawa of Suite Pretty Cure,Uchida Sasuke,Haruno Sakura,Hatake Kakashi of Naruto Shippuden,Sakata Gintoki,Kagura,Tsukuyo,Shiroyasha,Nobume of Gintama,Erza Scarlet,Jellal Fernandes,Erza Knightwalker,Mistgun,Wendy Marvell ,Kagura Mikazuchi of Fairy Tail,Nura Rikuo of Nurarihyon no Mago,Negima,Sawada Tsunayoshi,Chrome Dokuro,Sasagawa Kyoko,Kyouga Hibari,Mukuro Rokuro,Lal Mirch,Suzuki Adelheid,Kozato Enma,Arcobaleno Yuni,Vongola Primo of KHR,BRS,DM,Chariot,BGS,STR,IBRS of Black Rock Shooter,Shana of SnS III,Miku Hatsune,Kaito of Vocaloid,Homura of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica,Azusa of K-ON,Elsword,Aisha,Rena,Raven,Eve,Chung,Ara Han of Elsword, Dawn Warrior, Flame Wizard, Wind Archer, Night Walker, Thunder Breaker, Demon Slayer, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Cygnus of MapleStory

:bulletblue: Movie: Final Fantasy 7 ACC,Gintama Movie

:bulletpink: Favorite Couple: Cloud x Tifa,Noctis x Lightning,Sasuke x Sakura,Tsuna x Kyoko,Kiriha x Nene,BRS x Dante,Yuji x Shana,Max x BS,Kaito x Miku,Machina x Rem,Ace x Deuce,Machina x Ace,Hibari x Tsuna,BRS x Miku,Max Regashi x Ruki Izayomi ,Elsword x Aisha ,Elsword x Eve,Chung x Lilith,Elsword x Clear

:bulletblue: Facebook: Please add me on Facebook…

:bulletpink: My Elsword Character TH status
Akemi34 Lv 51 (Elsword IS)
Sakura34 Lv 39 (Aisha BM)
Ireanstar Lv 42 (Rena TR)


:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :iconblue-bplz: :iconblue-rplz: :iconblue-splz: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

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