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Elsword OC - Ryoki, 2nd Job(II) -Avenging Knight by NeneRuki
Elsword OC - Ryoki, 2nd Job(II) -Avenging Knight
Hi~ I just did drew Ryoki's 2nd Class (I), Avenging Knight! >w<
Today I have to upload Ryoki's 2nd Class (I), Avenging Knight.
Is he badass~? Ryoki's strongest! >w< To protect everyone those hold dears >w<
And continue to drawing about Sion's BA story comic!
Please comment and fave it here!!
Hope you like it~ >w<
Here his profile~ <3
- PROFILE START || Avenging Knight -

"Never give up the fight...hold on the light of hope."

Name: Ryoki
Surname: Shizuka
Age: 27
Job: Swordsman
Race: Human
Hometown: Saint Hope 
Weapon ( Avenging Knight ) : Sword (Imano)
Likes ( Avenging Knight ) : Fight, Akita, Rini, cats, cooking, sweet, warming, sleep, reading book, light. 
Dislikes ( Avenging Knight ) : Pain, evil, nightmare, despair, sorrow, darkness, dying, lose family, comrades, friends.
Good at: Sword, Cooking
Personality AK: Ryoki is kind and calm and silent. But Ryoki shown to be serious, and also silent while fighting. Ryoki is very stronger. Ryoki has a "cool" and professional personality, not showing the strong boisterousness of some of his more lively comrades. Though he doesn't show it often, he cares deeply for his comrades' safety and will do whatever is in his power to protect them. As time passes, however, Ryoki learns to trust the people around him with the truth about himself as well as with some of the burden he bears, understanding that his life, too, is a human one and that his friends and allies would suffer greatly if he were to die.
Special Ability: Ryoki is very stronger when it comes to fighting. He is strong enough to take down a large number of opponents with his sword and kicks. Slash and strikes attack. Ryoki uses flame of hope by his hands, he could blast to blow enemies away.      
Bio: Ryoki and Aster, Sion, Airu went to mysterious island that location where Rini was sealed herself, Ryoki could save her and bring her back.

Avenging Knight's background story:
Ryoki and Akita at training room, Ryoki must learn new moves, for become stronger and protect everyone.
Ryoki also learn it, slash everything and strikes. However, he really want to become stronger for protect his comrades and friends.
He thinks himself remind his past, remember Rini told Ryoki protect his comrades...for Rini's sake. Ryoki decided to protect everyone, then he became "Avenging Knight". as the light of hope.

Job Paths
01. Swordsman >> Fearless Swordsman >> Nightfall Blader
02. Swordsman >> Liberator Swordsman >> Avenging Knight
03. Swordsman >> ??? >> ???


"Hope is the light that guides us."
"the dazzling light of salvation that penetrates the darkness of despair."
"Hope is being to see that despite all of the darkness."
"In the end, some of your greatest pain become your greatest strength."
"I will protect these comrades dear to me."
"We might be scared, but that's what make us stronger."
"Knowing what it feels to be in pain is exactly why we try to be kinds to others."
"We don't die for our friends...We live for them."

Using Skills Quotes:
"Taste of my hope of sword!!"
"The light of hope shall end you!"
"you shall be disappear by my lights!"

Rini - Ryoki's lover, Rini Lucius. When since young Ryoki and young Rini were met, they seem to have become much closer, seeing how Ryoki trusts her much more now.
Ryoki was trained in training room. He has also learned other sword styles from Rini making him a more rounded swordsman. He was able to copy the exact moves Rini did on him. Rini should believe in him. It has a strong trust to him.
Aster - Ryoki's rival, Aster Rainheart. When Aster how he see who wins, Ryoki accept his challenge. But Ryoki won that's why he's stronger.
Aster lost, then he feel understand. Aster and Ryoki are become rival friends.
Negai - Ryoki's friend, she's kind person and help him out.
Sion - Ryoki's friend, Sion Alphina. Ryoki trust her, Sion help him against enemies. how Ryoki and Sion become friends.
Airu - Ryoki's friend, Airu Rainheart. Ryoki feel understand what Airu saying, if he accept to trust her and become friends. Airu help him and heal his wounds.
Akita - Ryoki's comrades, the one who was butler follow Rini's orders. Akita was survivor and escaped to the war battle from 1,000 years ago.
and 1,000 years passed, finally Ryoki met Akita again. Ryoki gladly that Akita was alive.

- PROFILE END || Avenging Knight -

Ryoki Shizuka (c) :iconneneruki:
Elsword OC - Ryoki,1st Job(II)-Liberator Swordsman by NeneRuki
Elsword OC - Ryoki,1st Job(II)-Liberator Swordsman
Hi~ I just did drew Ryoki's 1st Class (I), Liberator Swordsman >w<
Is he strong? xD So Light of hope is coming...OwO
Hope you like it~ >w<
Here his profile~
- PROFILE START || Liberator Swordsman -
"Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself."

Name: Ryoki
Surname: Shizuka
Age: 25
Job: Swordsman
Race: Human Formerly (1,000 years)
Weapon ( Liberator Swordsman ) : Sword (Imano)
Likes ( Liberator Swordsman ) : Fight, Rini, Akita, cats, cooking, sweet, warming, sleep, reading book, light.
Dislikes ( Liberator Swordsman ) : Loser, weak, evil, nightmare, despair, sadness, sorrow, darkness, dying, comrades down.
Good at: Sword, cooking
Personality LS: Ryoki is kind and calm. But Ryoki shown to be serious and merciless toward monsters during his missions in the dungeon.
Ryoki is very strong-willed. He will protect his comrades no matter what
Special Ability: Ryoki uses sword, kicking. Fighting with one sword with his right hands while slashing and striking enemies. Ryoki mostly makes use of kicks and striking with the sheath of his blade to attack.
Fearless Swordsman's background story:
Ryoki trains with Akita. Akita help Ryoki how to fight with power of light against enemies. Ryoki want to save Rini, he had no idea where she is.
the location of unknown ruins island, must be Rini was asleep there in the mysterious ruin island. But Rini was seal herself, Ryoki want bring Rini back....Someday he want bring his comrades help Ryoki able to save Rini."
Ryoki became "Light Swordsman", to bring the light of hopes and protect everyone. 

Job Paths

01. Swordsman >> Fearless Swordsman >> Nightfall Blader
02. Swordsman >> Liberator Swordsman >> Avenging Knight
03. Swordsman >> ??? >> ???


"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present."
"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars."
"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness."
"Light of hope shining in the night sky welcome the harbinger of courage!"
"For the sake of the ideal, high up in the heaven, gather, warrior, whose hearts are one!"

- PROFILE END || Liberator Swordsman -

Ryoki Shizuka (c) :iconneneruki:
Ryoki's LS and AK [Teaser] by NeneRuki
Ryoki's LS and AK [Teaser]
For :iconelsword-rps:
Hi~ I did post the teaser Ryoki's 2nd Class I, II =w=
Be patient, you guys ^^ Just wait before I upload it ^^
Hope you like it ^w^
Ryoki LS, AK (c) :iconneneruki:
 I have show you something for my draw list~!
Draw List ( Complete Finished ) ~
1. Dawn Ruki super cute
2. Aster AS x Negai MR
3. Airu Expression cute
4. Dawn Ruki ( NeneRuki V3 )
5. Sion HS's nightmare
6. Dawn Ruki and Ran
7. Ran ( the fire divine, scythe )
8. Ter ( FFT Fanart )
9. Musical Group
Haven't draw ( It is not finished drawing them once )
1. Aster DL's final story, End of the World Comic ( was skipped now )
2. Sion BA and HS's transform story comic ( Still thinking imagine from my brain )


NeneRuki's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello, world. I am a Elsword fan. I love Anime and Manga. I love drawing, and I listen music so epic. I read book of Manga a lots. Hope you deal with it.
I am fan of Elsword xD I like to draw. <3
Icon Sion Alphina
:iconsionnaplz: :iconsiondmplz: :iconsionhcplz: :iconsionhsplz:
My best friend is :iconneoruki: , :iconprismrein: , :iconmitarashixp: , :iconorangeboxazu: , :iconlegacyhunter: , :iconuninstall-chi: , :iconyona999: , :iconkawaii797: , :iconyushikuni: , :iconnephiliachan: , :iconthoarla: , :iconrogil717: , :iconmiraiglam: , :icontetsushi: , :icondeathlywish: , :iconfuumika: , :iconrainnight10715: , :iconxrequilein: , :iconene-takane: , :iconchibisallina: , :iconmilonar: , :iconasylum-storage: , :iconmyenizouafuraki: , :iconailythe: XD
My friend is :iconsgtsoupie:

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:bulletpink: :bulletpink: My Personal Info :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Gender: Female

:bulletblue: Age : 18

:bulletpink: Birthday: 9 April 1996

:bulletblue: Email:

:bulletpink: Hobbies: Watch Anime the best,listen english/japanese song,drawing,play facebook

:bulletblue: Favorite Food: French Fries,Taro,Cheese,Ice-cream vanilla

:bulletpink: Favorite book: Cartoon book (Manga)

:bulletblue: Favorite color: Pink, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Black and Red

:bulletpink: Fave Cartoon Characters: Nene Amano,Kiriha Aonuma,Akari Hinomoto of DXW,Airu Suzaki,Ryouma Mogami of DXW 02,Touma H. Norstein,Fujieda Yoshino of DS,BRS,Rukia Kuchiki,Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach,Aki Izayoi of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's,Lenalee Lee of D.Gray-man,Alice of Pandora Hearts,Momozono Love,Aono Miki,Yamabuki Inori,Higashi Setsuna of Fresh Pretty Cure,Ellen Kurokawa of Suite Pretty Cure,Uchida Sasuke,Haruno Sakura,Hatake Kakashi of Naruto Shippuden,Sakata Gintoki,Kagura,Tsukuyo,Shiroyasha,Nobume of Gintama,Erza Scarlet,Jellal Fernandes,Erza Knightwalker,Mistgun,Wendy Marvell ,Kagura Mikazuchi of Fairy Tail,Nura Rikuo of Nurarihyon no Mago,Negima,Sawada Tsunayoshi,Chrome Dokuro,Sasagawa Kyoko,Kyouga Hibari,Mukuro Rokuro,Lal Mirch,Suzuki Adelheid,Kozato Enma,Arcobaleno Yuni,Vongola Primo of KHR,BRS,DM,Chariot,BGS,STR,IBRS of Black Rock Shooter,Shana of SnS III,Miku Hatsune,Kaito of Vocaloid,Homura of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica,Azusa of K-ON,Elsword,Aisha,Rena,Raven,Eve,Chung,Ara Han of Elsword, Dawn Warrior, Flame Wizard, Wind Archer, Night Walker, Thunder Breaker, Demon Slayer, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Cygnus of MapleStory

:bulletblue: Movie: Final Fantasy 7 ACC,Gintama Movie

:bulletpink: Favorite Couple: Cloud x Tifa,Noctis x Lightning,Sasuke x Sakura,Tsuna x Kyoko,Kiriha x Nene,BRS x Dante,Yuji x Shana,Max x BS,Kaito x Miku,Machina x Rem,Ace x Deuce,Machina x Ace,Hibari x Tsuna,BRS x Miku,Max Regashi x Ruki Izayomi ,Elsword x Aisha ,Elsword x Eve,Chung x Lilith,Elsword x Clear

:bulletblue: Facebook: Please add me on Facebook…

:bulletpink: My Elsword Character TH status
Akemi34 Lv 51 (Elsword IS)
Sakura34 Lv 39 (Aisha BM)
Ireanstar Lv 42 (Rena TR)


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